Jonathan Weekes helps protect businesses from cyber threats

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Seneca graduate leads the charge for cybersecurity in insurance

Jonathan Weekes helps protect businesses from cyber threats

February 14, 2024

Jonathan Weekes has worked across a wide range of sectors in the insurance field and established himself as a cybersecurity leader and expert since graduating from Seneca Polytechnic 15 years ago.

“What I have found is that college students can hit the ground running,” explains Mr. Weekes, who graduated from Seneca’s Business – Marketing diploma program in 2008. “I can think critically, but I also get stuff done.”

Mr. Weekes, a Senior Vice President, Cyber Practice Leader at the insurance brokerage Hub International Canada, works with businesses in everything from retail manufacturing to higher education. He advises them on cyber risks, developing product solutions and educational resources.

He credits Seneca’s learning environment as a key factor in helping him forge a successful career path. Though he quickly moved into insurance after he graduated, the transferrable skills that he gained in the marketing program have helped immensely.

“I know how to make things relatable and not only sell myself but also sell an experience,” he says. “You have to know how to bring things back down to earth for people.”

“Seneca students really and truly are built different. We know how to grind. We know how to get stuff done”

After working in the personal and commercial areas of insurance for a few years, Toronto-based Mr. Weekes eventually turned his focus to technology and cybersecurity.

“Cyber is something that is evolving, not only at a pace but in ways that the rest of the industry has not experienced over the past several decades,” explains Mr. Weekes. “I think that’s really what I enjoy the most.”

As a relatively young field within insurance, Mr. Weekes has found that the level of awareness around cyber risk and exposure is still in its infancy at some organizations. However, as something that spans all industries, departments and geographic regions, it has become essential for businesses to consider how they are protecting themselves against potential threats.

“It is an interesting space to be in because it’s ever-changing and allows us the opportunity to grow as individuals and as professionals,” he says. “As long as those changes continue, there’s a purpose to what we do.”

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Mr. Weekes continues to do professional development, learning about everything from malware threats to risk management, and he says his diploma gave him a great foundation.

Looking back on his time at Seneca, Mr. Weekes remembers the excitement of stepping into a classroom full of like-minded, motivated individuals.

“It was an incredible experience for me.”

Whether you are a potential student looking at different schooling options, or an employer looking to hire, Mr. Weekes encourages everyone to consider the college route.

“Seneca students really and truly are built different. We know how to grind. We know how to get stuff done.”

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