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Carol Jardine

As Carol Jardine rose to the highest positions of the Canadian insurance industry, she could have simply focused her efforts on the established insurance priorities of underwriting for risk and processing claims. Instead, she chose to influence policy and public awareness around mitigating the effects of climate change. Her catalyst was the 2003 Kelowna wildfire that destroyed 239 homes. Ms. Jardine was president of Canadian Northern Shield (CNS) Insurance Company at the time, and when surveying the damage, she was concerned by the number of people who didn’t know what they could do to protect their homes and lives from wildfire. Reaching out to the Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) and Fire Smart, she had CNS distribute wildfire educational pamphlets to communities. For the next 20 years, Ms. Jardine continued to respond to climate disasters as an insurance executive and at the same time worked with ICLR and Western University to educate communities on how to mitigate the impact of climate risk. Ms. Jardine retired as president of Wawanesa Mutual Insurance’s Canadian Property & Casualty business in February 2023. The actions taken by governments and industry peers in response to her advocacy efforts are among the highlights of her career, she said.

February 16, 2024

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