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Carol Mark

If you were to describe Carol Mark in one word, it would be advocate. Over the years, she has raised funds and awareness for nutrition, health care, literacy and youth and Indigenous issues. A former nurse and breast cancer survivor, Ms. Mark became interested in healthy nutrition through her own medical journey. In 2016, that led her to create Empower T, a hydrating drink that is 100 per cent plant-based and contains no sugar or sweeteners. Through a tea sales event, she raised money help female tea workers in Sri Lanka by providing breast self-examination pamphlets and access to about 4,000 mammograms. In 2017, she organized a health and nutrition conference called Truth About Healthy Lives with 200-plus attendees, including a mix of physicians, chefs and entrepreneurs. In addition, Ms. Mark has supported social philanthropy through the arts. She recently sponsored and curated an art exhibit celebrating the early lives of Asian immigrants to Canada.

February 19, 2024

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