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Karina Pérez

As a child growing up Zamora, about 440 kilometres northwest of Mexico City, Karina Pérez would watch captivated as large amounts of fruit were processed for export at the factory where her parents worked. It was loaded into containers and transported to Manzanillo port to be shipped around the world. Ms. Pérez found the logistics fascinating. In 2017, she decided to act on her interest and applied to the two-year International Transportation and Customs program at Seneca. Just three short years after graduating, Ms. Pérez took home the 2022 Global Young Logistics Professional Award – following wins in the Canadian and Americas rounds of the rigorous competition. Her dissertation was about importing generator engines from Germany to Northern Ontario for a mine expansion project and exporting dangerous goods from Canada to Peru. Both case studies focused on the environmental aspects of the moves. Upon graduation, Ms. Pérez was hired by DSV Canada, a global transport and logistics company. Part of her focus is on educating clients about the environmental impact of traditional transportation methods and encouraging them to use sustainable fuel and/or green transportation methods to lower their environmental footprints.

February 16, 2024

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